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Wholesale Fruit Trees

Meadow Lake Wholesale Tree Nursery

Here is a sample of wholesale tree prices from nursery. It is important to call around to the nurseries in your area for pricing. Take the time to call a few and find out who offers the best prices, trees, and even wholesale options.

Aspen Trees
4' TAKE 6 trees for $30
8-10' $20 each
Clumps of 4 trees $49.99 BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Fast Growing Cottonless Cottonwood, Lombardy Poplar, or Gobe willow
ONLY $20

Fruit next year
apples,peach,pear,plum and cherry huge selection!!!

#2 2-3ft PINE OR SPRUCE- 6 TREES FOR $50!!!
#15 4ft PINE or SPRUCE BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!!!!!
B and B PINE or SPRUCE 6ft+ ONLY $149 nice full trees!!!!

2-4" caliper TREES 12-20ft GORGEOUS shade and ornamental...huge selection over 50%OFF Now only $139-$169

Grapevines $6 each

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